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I'm Posing For You

Heidi Ann Photography

Along the 50+ mile Sun Road, there are plenty of spots to see wildlife, but Logan's Pass is probably the best area to see Big Horn Sheep up close. As me and my wife were driving from St. Mary's Lake back to the entrance, I saw a bush shaking in the distance directly across from Logan's Pass Visitor center. I slowed down to a speed of 10 mph and told my wife to quickly get the camera. At the time, we were in front of what seemed to be 10 cars with no place to veer off the road to see what was in the rustling bushes and I did not want to be rude and just stop in the road, so I slowed down to 5 mph, hoping that whatever it was would come out before we passed by. About 30 yards from the rustling bushes, we saw a head emerge and my wife quickly snapped what seemed to be 50 photos in a matter of seconds. Still at a pace of 5 mph, we passed by the Big Horn Sheep. My wife looked at the shots that she took and a giant smile struck her face. From the time that we saw the bushes rustling to us passing the big horn sheep was a span of 10 seconds and in that very short span of time, my wife grabbed the camera, turned the camera on, took the lens cap off, adjusted the lens distance, and snapped a bunch of photos. I will gladly toot my wife's horn because my wife is incredible with a camera!

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