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Lake McDonald

Heidi Ann Photography

The Going-To-The-Sun-Road in my opinion is the most Iconic Road in all of the United States. From the elegant mountain peaks to the mesmerizing valleys, this road has something to offer to everyone. Lake McDonald is no exception. Lake McDonald sits a couple miles from the entrance of the Sun Road on the left-hand side. Even though this is a very close attraction while traveling the 50+ mile road, this was one of our last stops on our trip to Montana.... for one reason only. THE DUST. Unfortunately, the first 9 miles of the Sun Road was under construction meaning that there was a nine-mile dust trap entering into Glacier and exiting Glacier and Glacier National Park being one of the most popular parks, means there were an insane number of cars continuously scattering dust for miles. On our last day in Glacier, we finally decided to fight the dust head on and pull off into the hotel that sits on Lake McDonald, about 50 yards from the Great Dusty Road and oh was it worth every dust particle in our lungs. We parked at the lodge and walked behind the lodge to see an open lake with incredible detail all around us. Words cannot describe the beauty, that's why we took pictures! :)

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