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Moose on the Loose

Heidi Ann Photography

Mar 20, 2023

The Iceberg Lake hiking trail is one of glacier's most popular trails in Many Glacier. This 10 mile hike is known to have a variety of wildlife varying from small animals like the quail to the enormous moose, but we did not expect this! 4 miles into the hike as we were walking over a hill, we noticed other hikers in front of us stopping and backing away from something up in the distance. My first instinct was to grab the bear spray in case of an attack. Heart racing and finger on the trigger, we walked up over the hill. Finally, we saw it... well we saw both of them standing right on the trail. Two giant bull moose blocking the trail that leads to the gorgeous view of Iceberg Lake. Quickly, we grabbed the camera and snapped some amazing photos of these amazing beasts while they were minding their own business filling their belly with vegetation.

Fun Fact: Moose are also known as rubber-nosed swamp donkeys!

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